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Sound Effects

  • Arpeggio
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  • Synths
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  • 808s

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Audio Length4 min. 1 sec.
Audio ChannelsStereo
Tempo50 bpm
Measure Length4 Beats

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Cabin Fever - Inst

Dirty South Instrumental, Gangster Instrumental
Beats Planet

I bet as soon as you pressed play on this beat is started to sound familiar to you, that's because it is inspired by a very popular style right now which was created by DJ Mustard. I mean he didn't created it from scratch, he just made this style popular with urban music as it's really just a combination of older styles. But the truth is this style be killing it in the clubs right now, everywhere you go there's back to back records with this flava.

So I just had to get myself on one of these party tracks and add it to my Arsenal, you probably also recognized some small little drum samples in the background of the hook. Yup those are from run DMCs Peter Piper. Since they are no melodies in that clip it is copyright free as drums cannot be copy written. This is something most producers do not know about.

Hope you enjoy, Leave your comments in the Review section!

Club Banga Type Beat
Produced by: Dj Naydee
BPM: 100

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