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When I created this beat I must have been watching some type of sci-fi movie the day before as the UFO sound came to me pretty quickly on the keyboards. Once I came up with that sound the rest of the instrumental just started flowing pretty quickly even the 1950s documentary guy in the beginning. I found that off of a clip of an old documentary which is now in the public domain. The monster music in the beginning I have on an old sample vinyl so basically there are no uncleared samples on this record.

I took some extra time to make sure the 808s pound you in the chest, I was basically going for that trunk rattling bottom. The type of bass that loosens the bolts in your car and you have to sell it early. Tell me what you guys think, leave your comments below

Let me know what you guys think in the review section, leave your comments in the review section!

Anthem Hood Beat
Produced by: Dj Naydee
BPM: 75

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