Custom Playlists

Custom playlists are the heart of your flex app. They define what music is available for streaming and licensing, and which producers and discounts are featured in your application.

You can create any number of playlists, but you must create at least one playlist in order to supply your flex app with music.

Each playlist that you create can be limited to specific producers and/or musical genres. Each playlist that you create can also be sorted by a number of different criteria including chart rank, sales rank, downloads rank, plays rank, natural order, etc. You can use a single playlist to supply the music for your entire application, or you can create multiple playlists to segregate or organize your chosen music selections.

You can also give each of your playlists a custom title and a description. The title and description can be used in different capacities by the widgets and elements on your page and in your fullscreen mode, so it's important to keep them accurate and descriptive.