It's no secret that we've been at the forefront of bringing cutting edge technology to the beats market, and providing friendly services for artists to shop for beats. Beat Brainz is just the next step in our diabolical plan to be the world's best destination for music buyers shopping for beats (insert evil laugh).

All joking aside, we are the first and only beat licensing platform to implement audio analysis and comparison as part of our core browsing experience. We're confident it will help you discover more relevant music for your projects, in much less time than ever before!

What Is Beat Brainz?

Beat Brainz is more or less a robot that drinks coffee and listens to the music in our catalog all day long. It takes notes about various musical characteristics in the tracks and then helps us make recommendations to you based on what you are looking for.

How It Works

Beat Brainz can help you find music in our catalog in a couple of different ways.

  • Firstly, you can begin your search with an existing published artist and song name that is inspired by your project. From there, we can recommend a dozen or so beats from our catalog in a variety of genres that exhibit some similarities to your seed song.
  • Secondly, each beat available in our catalog can be used as its own seed song to find other beats in our catalog that share similarities. The results for beats compared internal to our own catalog will also typically yield more closely related matches to your seed song.

In this way, you can navigate deeply through our catalog with much more success finding particular sounds than potentially listening to thousands of unrelated beats. Give it a try!