Wrap Sheet:

Hello I am a independent producer/songwriter from Boston, MA. I've been making music seriously for the last 15 years. I grew up listening to a blend of music from 60s the era of my parents, to the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Thus I was able to put together my style from various such as those from the British invasion to Motown, to Michael Jackson, Prince, Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley, Timberland and more. To say it in a different way, I just love music. If the song moves me, it influences me. There is nothing like the rush you feel when you hear that great song or beat or rap that gets you out of your seat and makes you move.

My instrument of choice is the keyboard. What I like about the keyboard (synthesizer,) is that it allows me to have so many instruments at my fingertips. It's like having an orchestra on piano. It's almost like cheating, but it's not. In making my beats or instrumentals, I combine my own original music with free samples and come up with a new creation.

I respect every decade of music. Many people feel that the new Hip Hop isn't Hip Hop at all. I feel that the new Hip Hop music is simply the way this generation choses to expresses themselves and the culture . So, I like the way the music is done today as long as the content is quality. Though I do primarily Hip Hop and RnB music, I love a challenge. Sometimes people will come to me and ask me to create something outside of my comfort zone. I love that because it keeps me exploring new music then I can come back to my love, Hip Hop with some new weapons so to speak.

I am blind in one eye, due being born with cataracts. However the weakness in my eyes are offset by the strength in my hearing. Thus ever since I was small, as small as 5, I could play by ear. I never had the money to get piano lessons. However, I practice a lot in order to get better.

If you ever need an instrumental, bring your recipe or idea to my trouble lab and I'll cook it up for you musically. I always say "It's your idea, I'm just the cook." So, eat, drink live music! I do it for love and for life!

Reached #6 on the Reverbnation.com Boston, MA Hip Hop Charts

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