Copyright Laws

Legally, you don't need to do anything special to claim copyright ownership of your music. Law states that you have copyright ownership of your musical compositions from the moment that you record them. However, if there is a dispute over who actually owns the copyright to a specific musical composition (who created it first), then you will need some sort of proof of the date that you created the music.

Resources: Copyright Basics, U.S. Copyright Law

Protecting Your Copyright Claim

The official (and preferred) way to protect your copyright claim is to register your music with the U.S. Copyright Office. This will require some paperwork and a registration fee. However, another way you can protect your copyright claim is to register your music using our "Proof of Copyright Service". We can provide you with the proof that you possessed your musical composition and claimed copyright ownership to it as of a specific date.

Resources: Copyright Registration Service, USCO Form SR

Proof of Copyright Service

You upload an mp3 file with the music for which you claim copyright ownership. We then create a digital certificate that contains specific copyright claim information plus a unique fingerprint of your mp3 file which can be later used to match that exact music file with the certificate that was issued. We then electronically sign the certificate with our private key which ensures that the copyright information cannot be forged or tampered. Finally, we have the completed certificate notarized and timestamped by a third party authority to prove the exact date and time that it was issued.

Resources: Proof of Copyright Registry

Transfer of Copyright

Per our licensing terms, no transaction which happens in our marketplace transfers or reassigns any copyright ownership of music on Beat Brokerz. When you purchase music from our marketplace, copyright ownership of the materials and compositions remains with their respective owners.