All sellers are automatic affiliates. There is no need to enroll separately.

When you have a seller account, or an affiliate account on Beat Brokerz, you have the option to customize the look and feel of your embeddable mp3 players. You can set up as many customized "skins" as you like and use them to generate mp3 players which match the color scheme of the websites you are embedding them on.

When you create a custom mp3 player, you have the flexibility to change sizes, colors, functions, and default behavior of your mp3 player. The settings you create for each of your mp3 players are saved in your account for you to use again later.

  1. Click "My Account"
  2. Click "Affiliate Center"
  3. Click "MP3 Players"
  4. Click "Create New Custom Player" (Located just under the player preview)

We provide various tools to help you in your goals. From affiliate links and banners to post across the net, to Flash Mp3 players with a selection of beats you are interested in selling, and even ways to create your own website to sell the content you choose.

We offer affiliate commissions for referrals to our site which result in sales. You can read more about our affiliate program on our affiliate program page.

For the standard affiliate, the products that qualify for affiliate commissions are restricted to music purchased from sellers in our marketplace. We do not pay commissions for sales of membership subscriptions, promotions purchases, or other products offered on Beat Brokerz.

We may offer special commission packages to site partners which vary from these guidelines, but this is done on a case by case basis. If you are interested in an alternate commission structure and/or affiliate arrangement, please contact our sales department.

More information about our payout policy and our commission structure can be found on our fees & commissions page.

How Often?
Commission payments are paid out on an automatic and regular schedule.

Minimum Balance?
There no minimum balance required in order to qualify for payment.

Any Restrictions?
More detailed information can be found on our fees & commissions page.