We use the term "license certificate" to refer to the digitally signed license file that comes with every beat purchased through our online marketplace. The license certificate constitutes the legal proof of rights granted between the buyer and seller for beats purchased on Beat Brokerz.

Technical Details
The "license certificate" is actually just a human readable text file which outlines in plain english the terms under which any given instrumental beat was sold. A digital signature which can only be produced by Beat Brokerz and is unique to each individual license certificate, is then added to the text file which serves as proof that we brokered the transaction and that the contract is legitimate.

We send each license certificate that we sign to both the licensee (buyer) and licensor (seller). In this way, both parties rights are protected as the license certificate is a secure proof of the transaction under the given terms.

If either party attempts to modify any terms outlined within the license certificate, the Beat Brokerz signature will not validate and the license certificate is not legitimate. And since we are the only one capable of generating our unique signature, it is not possible for anybody to make up their own license certificate and claim that a beat was licensed under it.