Voice tags are an audible watermark. They are usually removed from the purchased version of the beat. There are exceptions to this rule however.

Typically, the producer of the beat offers an untagged version of the beat when a paid license is purchased. The description provided for the specific licenses available from the Beat Details page will outline what type of producer credits are required when the beat is distributed. Occasionally, the producer will require that one voice tag remain in the beat (depending on the license purchased). Make sure to read the details for the license that you are purchasing for clarity on this.

A free download cannot be used for production music or any profitable use. It is provided for song-writing purposes and use in demo recordings only. To use this beat in a mastered track or profitable distribution, you must purchase an appropriate license.

In most cases, yes. However, producers have the ability to set their own licensing terms which can include the policy of leaving an audible tag on the high quality version of the purchased instrumental. We disclose this information to you (if that is the case), in the "How It Works" description of the particular license you are interested in.

Currently we accept only electronic payments in U.S. currency using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal.

Instrumental Beats purchased through the Beat Brokerz marketplace are available instantly for download as soon as payment is made in full. An email is sent to the email address used to make the purchase which has download links to the purchased music.

The downloads are direct from our servers and are available for up to a week after the transaction is completed. You can access current and past file downloads from your Beat Brokerz user account which is created automatically when you checkout.

Refunds and our Money Back Guarantee are part of our buyer warranties policy.

Well, it depends.... Beat Brokerz is a dynamic marketplace where producers are able to set their own licensing terms and conditions for the sale of their instrumental music. So what you will be using the beat for will usually determine what license you purchase from the producer.

With that said, in order to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible for you (the buyer) to understand; every license for sale here is structured in a standardized way.

Essentially, when you purchase a license using the Beat Brokerz service, you are granted the right to make a derivative work from the instrumental music and in nearly all cases, sell that derivative work for a profit. You are also granted the right to perform the derivative work. How you sell or perform that derivative work is entirely up to you, however, the license defines how much of that you can actually do without paying royalties back to the producer.

Things you cannot do include:

  • Resell or license the instrumental music yourself in any way
  • Transfer ownership of the instrumental music or license to another party