Our copyright service is provided as a complement to the US Copyright Office official registration. We document and provide a public record of your music ownership, as well as provide you with prepared forms to send to the USCO for the final filing. It is a convenience method for copyright registration, and can give you an extra weapon of deterrent to piracy of your music.

We do not attempt however to verify the authenticity of your claim, or "clear" any samples or other copyrighted work contained within your registered work. It is up to you to ensure that you are within your legal right to claim ownership of any registered work.

Just Originals. The only circumstance where samples are permitted is when the samples have been licensed and cleared for sale by the copyright owner of the sample.

Our charts are based on two main factors. Sales and promotion. Music that sells will be boosted in the charts. Music that is promoted through our site promotions will also be boosted in the charts. Beyond that, there are several micro factors which are calculated into the rankings, but to achieve top chart positions, you'll need to have either sales, promotions, or both.

Our payment system is handled by Paypal. When we receive and send payments, it is in US Dollars. However, you can withdraw that currency using your Paypal account and automatically convert it into your local currency.

Problem: When I select the file and click upload, it says starting upload, but then nothing happens (or I get an error 0).

Solution: There are two methods to uploading your music.

The first method is the "upload" button next to the file select field on the beat editing page. The upload button uses a technology to upload the music behind the scenes and give you a progress bar status as it is uploading. In certain circumstances, this method may give you problems (depending on connection speed, browser version, security settings, etc.).

The second method is to simply select the file from the file select field on your beat editing page (for all fields that require a file upload), but don't click the upload button. Just continue to complete the rest of the beat details on the page and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. When you use this method, the files are uploaded all at the same time when the save button is clicked. If the first method mentioned above is giving you problems, you should use this fallback method.

All sellers are automatic affiliates. There is no need to enroll separately.

We don't currently allow the free download option to be disabled. It is bad for business. It hurts sales.

You want the artist or person listening to your beat to fall in love with it. You want them to download it, put it on their ipod, and write music to it. You want them to desperately need to purchase the untagged high quality version to finish their music. That's how you make sales.

The principle is the same that software companies use when they offer free software downloads. It's the same as free trials for paid subscription services. They use the technique because it's effective. We offer free downloads because it's effective.

Instructions for uploading new beats into your inventory can be found in our seller guidebook.

Please see our page on "Listing a Beat For Sale".

We offer you ways to track your sales, purchases and even free downloads. In your account dash the tools are available to find out exactly what your business is doing for you. Compare download to sale ratios, see what beats sell the most, and even track via month, year or product.

We offer affiliate commissions for referrals to our site which result in sales. You can read more about our affiliate program on our affiliate program page.

For the standard affiliate, the products that qualify for affiliate commissions are restricted to music purchased from sellers in our marketplace. We do not pay commissions for sales of membership subscriptions, promotions purchases, or other products offered on Beat Brokerz.

We may offer special commission packages to site partners which vary from these guidelines, but this is done on a case by case basis. If you are interested in an alternate commission structure and/or affiliate arrangement, please contact our sales department.

More information about our payout policy and our commission structure can be found on our fees & commissions page.

To protect the buyer from having their email address potentially distributed to multiple producers (and multiple mailing lists) from placing an order in our marketplace, we do not include their email address in the order history. If you need to contact the buyer after a sale, you can phone them directly or optionally use the built in order update form which will send them an email.

We use the term "license certificate" to refer to the digitally signed license file that comes with every beat purchased through our online marketplace. The license certificate constitutes the legal proof of rights granted between the buyer and seller for beats purchased on Beat Brokerz.

Technical Details
The "license certificate" is actually just a human readable text file which outlines in plain english the terms under which any given instrumental beat was sold. A digital signature which can only be produced by Beat Brokerz and is unique to each individual license certificate, is then added to the text file which serves as proof that we brokered the transaction and that the contract is legitimate.

We send each license certificate that we sign to both the licensee (buyer) and licensor (seller). In this way, both parties rights are protected as the license certificate is a secure proof of the transaction under the given terms.

If either party attempts to modify any terms outlined within the license certificate, the Beat Brokerz signature will not validate and the license certificate is not legitimate. And since we are the only one capable of generating our unique signature, it is not possible for anybody to make up their own license certificate and claim that a beat was licensed under it.

Exclusive beat sales are handled in the same way as any other sale with one exception. Once the transaction has been completed and the money has been received, the beat can no longer be purchased from the marketplace and it is marked as sold.

Also, since licenses can be sold with exclusive rights which only last for a given amount of time, we will keep track of that, and relist the beat for sale once that time limit has been reached (if applicable).

Refunds and our Money Back Guarantee are part of our buyer warranties policy.

Licenses can expire in the following ways:

  • Time
    If the term stated on the license certificate has been reached, the license is expired.
  • Sales
    If the quantity of units sold has reached the limit set in the license certificate, the license is expired.

When you purchase exclusive rights to use instrumental music here on Beat Brokerz, you are taking the ability away from other recording artists to license and use that instrumental music. After the sale of a license which includes exclusive rights, the beat is de-listed in the marketplace and all licenses for the beat become unavailable for purchase.

You should also be aware that exclusive rights to use a beat are not necessarily permanent. Since licenses can expire when certain limits are reached, exclusive rights can expire along with that. For example, a license that includes exclusive rights and a license term of 2 years, would grant you the exclusive use of that instrumental beat for 2 years... at which point your license would expire and the beat could be licensed again to other artists.

Licenses are offered by producers for the use of their instrumental music in performance and production. A license must be purchased in order to legally use the instrumental music in any profitable distribution of derivative works.

Producers have the flexibility to offer different licensing options on their instrumentals in our marketplace to suit different usage scenarios. Any given instrumental beat may have a number of different licenses available for purchase, each suited to a specific type of buyer. In this way, instrumental beats can be sold for a price that is appropriate to how they intend to be used.

Once a license is purchased for a beat in the Beat Brokerz marketplace, a license certificate is generated and signed digitally for legal purposes. It is then sent out with the order to both the buyer (licensee) and the seller (licensor). The license certificate acts as the legal contract between the artist and producer.

For Teaser Audio (Tagged Beats), the only acceptable format is mp3. Your tagged audio will be marketed through various channels to encourage sales so we need it to be in this format for interoperability.

For Order Fulfillment (Untagged Beats), we accept multiple formats. Acceptable formats include: mp3, wav, zip, rar

How Often?
Commission payments are paid out on an automatic and regular schedule.

Minimum Balance?
There no minimum balance required in order to qualify for payment.

Any Restrictions?
More detailed information can be found on our fees & commissions page.