We DO NOT offer Soundclick promotion services. We offer Beat Brokerz promotion services. We have some great ways available for you to promote your music on our site.

First, you must subscribe to a paid membership and upload your music to your Beat Brokerz store. Then you can purchase promotional spots on our charts and other site listings through your seller account interface. This will feature your music on Beat Brokerz which will bring your pages more traffic and get your music more plays and downloads and ultimately lead to more sales.

The promotion that we offer can only be guaranteed to have an effect on your Beat Brokerz marketing activity. If you are interested only in results to your Soundclick page, Soundclick offers their own promotional packages. If you are interested in building your brand in the Beat Brokerz marketplace, please check out our latest promotional offers in your seller account interface!

Soundclick integration is the method by which we verify and link your Beat Brokerz account to your Soundclick account so that we can correctly link to your page and music catalog.

To integrate/verify your soundclick account, we provide html and css codes which you must place on your Soundclick page in order to verify that the soundclick page is owned by you and that it is in good standing.

For more information, read our guidebook section on setting up your Soundclick Profile

No and Yes.

No. There is no requirement to implement our beat selling service into your Soundclick page or even link to us for that matter. The button is simply a convenience method for your customers. If you don't want to use it, no problem.

Yes. If you want to take advantage of our Soundclick integration features, we need to have the button placed on your Soundclick page. Firstly, if the button wasn't there, how would your customers access the convenience features? Secondly, each button is linked to your Beat Brokerz account so we can verify that the Soundclick page that you claim is yours.... is ACTUALLY yours. This prevents someone else from creating a Beat Brokerz account and claiming that your Soundclick page belongs to them.


Okay, but everybody on top of Soundclick seems to have your buttons on their page. So I'll go up like them though right?

No. Lot's of producers on Soundclick have our button and they're not all at the top. The ones that are at the top have worked very hard to get there. We can't take credit for that.

But people have told me that they get more plays on their music by using your promotions.

Yes. But that's merely a side effect of traffic flowing on our site. We do actually promote Soundclick music from our promotions spots in the form of linking to Soundclick pages and/or Soundclick songs. But we make no guarantees as to what kind of clickthrough or traffic will actually come your way.

No Way, No How.

Referral affiliate commissions are disabled on our Soundclick integration pages. The producer receives the only commission on the sale... always.