Payments will occasionally fail silently when checking out using PayPal, even though you are successfully returned to Beat Brokerz. If your order is still in a "payment pending" state after checking out through PayPal, first log into Paypal and verify that the transaction was actually completed. If you do not see the transaction in your recent activity, then the payment was never actually billed. In our experience, this is the most common cause for this issue.

If this is the case, you can safely attempt to purchase the product again using the alternative Paypal method.

If you have double checked that the payment was actually made through Paypal, please contact us with your order number and Paypal transaction ID so that we can look for another issue.

Problem: When you update your account username, the URL of your producer profile does not change.
Solution: After updating your account username, go to your "Producer Profile" settings page and click the save button at the bottom. This will update your URL with the new account username.

Unique visitors are the number of distinctly different visitors that access your pages. A single visitor may visit your page two times in one day, which would constitute two visits. However, it would only be one "unique visitor".

Please see the following document for more information about missing emails after an order is completed.

If you still cannot access your purchased downloads, there are other possible causes. Here are some common situations that we see that may delay or prevent you from accessing your downloads.

  • If you pay with an eCheck (your bank account) using Paypal, those funds are not disbursed immediately and will take 2-3 days for your order to be completed. Once the eCheck clears, then your order is automatically updated and the downloads become available.
  • On rare occasion, Paypal takes up to an hour to update our system with your payment information. This can delay your order from being completed and the emails from being sent out.

Otherwise, please contact our support line at any time with your order number and/or email address and we can help you out.

Problem: When I select the file and click upload, it says starting upload, but then nothing happens (or I get an error 0).

Solution: There are two methods to uploading your music.

The first method is the "upload" button next to the file select field on the beat editing page. The upload button uses a technology to upload the music behind the scenes and give you a progress bar status as it is uploading. In certain circumstances, this method may give you problems (depending on connection speed, browser version, security settings, etc.).

The second method is to simply select the file from the file select field on your beat editing page (for all fields that require a file upload), but don't click the upload button. Just continue to complete the rest of the beat details on the page and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. When you use this method, the files are uploaded all at the same time when the save button is clicked. If the first method mentioned above is giving you problems, you should use this fallback method.

When you have a seller account, or an affiliate account on Beat Brokerz, you have the option to customize the look and feel of your embeddable mp3 players. You can set up as many customized "skins" as you like and use them to generate mp3 players which match the color scheme of the websites you are embedding them on.

When you create a custom mp3 player, you have the flexibility to change sizes, colors, functions, and default behavior of your mp3 player. The settings you create for each of your mp3 players are saved in your account for you to use again later.

  1. Click "My Account"
  2. Click "Affiliate Center"
  3. Click "MP3 Players"
  4. Click "Create New Custom Player" (Located just under the player preview)

Our complete policies regarding purchases made through our site can be found on our buyer warranties page.

Here is our policy on the matter:

The Beat Brokerz Store delivers Products which are maintained and represented by third party sellers in our marketplace. As we make every effort to verify the quality and accuracy of the Products represented in our store, it may be possible for a download to vary significantly from its representation. If the download you receive is not the Product represented by your purchase as determined by Beat Brokerz, we make the following guarantee to the buyer: We will make available, free of charge, another download link to the correct Product, or if the correct Product cannot be made available, we will refund 100% of the purchase price to the buyer including any taxes paid.

Step 1.
We send out email receipts and download links to the email address that was used during the checkout process. Please verify that you are checking the correct email account. If you mistakenly used an incorrect email address during checkout, please call or email our support line so that we can get your email address corrected on the order.

Step 2.

If you did not receive any email from us at the email address used to place the order, it may be due to our email being blocked by your spam filter. Please check in your spam folder to see if our email was mistakenly routed there. To ensure that our email does not get blocked by your spam filter, you may need to add the following email address to your contacts list:  sales [at] rapbeatbrokerz [dot] com

Step 3.

If you still cannot find the emails that we sent to you, you should visit our lost password retrieval page to request your account login information be re-sent to you. Access the password recovery page here. Once you have access to your Beat Brokerz customer account, you will be able to review your order and download any purchased files from your account interface.

Step 4.

If you are still having trouble with downloading your purchased files or have other concerns regarding your order, please contact our support line.