Problem: When I select the file and click upload, it says starting upload, but then nothing happens (or I get an error 0).

Solution: There are two methods to uploading your music.

The first method is the "upload" button next to the file select field on the beat editing page. The upload button uses a technology to upload the music behind the scenes and give you a progress bar status as it is uploading. In certain circumstances, this method may give you problems (depending on connection speed, browser version, security settings, etc.).

The second method is to simply select the file from the file select field on your beat editing page (for all fields that require a file upload), but don't click the upload button. Just continue to complete the rest of the beat details on the page and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. When you use this method, the files are uploaded all at the same time when the save button is clicked. If the first method mentioned above is giving you problems, you should use this fallback method.