Well, it depends.... Beat Brokerz is a dynamic marketplace where producers are able to set their own licensing terms and conditions for the sale of their instrumental music. So what you will be using the beat for will usually determine what license you purchase from the producer.

With that said, in order to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible for you (the buyer) to understand; every license for sale here is structured in a standardized way.

Essentially, when you purchase a license using the Beat Brokerz service, you are granted the right to make a derivative work from the instrumental music and in nearly all cases, sell that derivative work for a profit. You are also granted the right to perform the derivative work. How you sell or perform that derivative work is entirely up to you, however, the license defines how much of that you can actually do without paying royalties back to the producer.

Things you cannot do include:

  • Resell or license the instrumental music yourself in any way
  • Transfer ownership of the instrumental music or license to another party
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