All sales through our marketplace are subject to the following commission rates. These rates represent the amount that you will receive for each sale. If you would like to become a seller in our marketplace, enroll into one of our seller membership plans. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please read more about our affiliate program.

  • All sellers/producers offering beats for sale through our marketplace will receive a standard variable rate commission based on the sale price for each beat in a completed order.
  • Sales Affiliates that refer any buyers (sales orders) to our site through their promotional efforts qualify for the fixed affiliate commission.
  • Sellers may also qualify for a bonus commission which is paid on top of any standard and affiliate commissions for the order.


The commissions calculated on a per beat basis are as follows:

Sale AmountSeller Commission (Variable)
Affiliate Commission *
Seller Affiliate Bonus **Max Commission Paid
$0 - $50 71% 10% 5% 86%
$50.01 - $300.00 75% 10% 5% 90%
$300.01 and up 80% 10% 5% 95%

 * If the customer was referred to our site through your affiliate link, or if the beat was added to their cart through your affiliate link, the affiliate commission will be activated.

** The seller affiliate bonus applies when you are the referring affiliate AND the beat being purchased is from your own inventory.

Commission Example

You refer a potential customer to your Beat Brokerz Store through your affiliate link. This activates the affiliate commission plus the bonus commission for your own beats. The customer proceeds to shop on Beat Brokerz and adds 3 beats to their order.

Beat 1:  1 x Premium License @ 65.00 (This beat is from your own inventory)
  -- Seller Commission = 75% + Affiliate Commission = 10% + Bonus = 5% | Total = 90% Commission
Beat 2:  1 x Premium License @ 65.00 (This beat is from your own inventory)
  -- Seller Commission = 75% + Affiliate Commission = 10% + Bonus = 5% | Total = 90% Commission
Beat 3:  1 x Exclusive License @ 400.00 (This beat is from a site special / another producer / etc.)
  -- Affiliate Commission = 10%

So your commission on an order like this would calculate as follows:

Beat 1: $65 x 90%   = $58.50 +
Beat 2: $65 x 90%   = $58.50 +
Beat 3: $400 x 10% = $40.00

So on an order where the total sale price of your beats was $130.00, you’d be getting paid $157.00. This is just one scenario, you can likely use your imagination to think of many more.

Ready to get started? Enroll into one of our seller membership plans or our affiliate program.

Payments Schedule

Payments for both sales commissions and affiliate commissions are made on an automated basis to your PayPal account. The frequency of automatic payments are as follows:

  • Affiliate Accounts, Free Seller Accounts: Once a month, on the 5th.
  • Basic Seller Accounts: Twice a month, on the 5th and 20th.
  • Premium Seller Accounts: Once a week on Sunday.

Please note: Due to our money back guarantee and sales policy, payments made to your account will not include the previous 5 days of sales activity. Sales activity from five days immediately prior to a payment being made is included in the next payment cycle. For free seller accounts, this payment window is increased to 20 days prior to payments being made.