Developer Guide

Developer Guide

This guide covers what you need to know to build awesome beat selling interfaces using the flex framework as the fabric.

Flex contains an API that you can use to create compelling new designs and implementations for your sites (or just distributable widgets) that don't require you to configure complicated back-ends. The framework allows you to focus strictly on building unique user experiences and brand value on the front-end, while all of the back-end administration, data management, and client services needed to power it remain in the cloud.

In a nutshell, the flex framework brings all of the music and features of the Beat Brokerz platform to your fingertips for you to theme and integrate as your own design specification. All the heavy lifting of fetching, loading, and managing data is done by the framework. You just pick and choose what you want to use, and where you want to use it.

How It Works

Whenever a flex app is deployed to a web page, it is linked to a configuration of music and content on the Beat Brokerz platform. Anybody with an affiliate or producer account on Beat Brokerz can create and deploy flex apps. As a developer, you can use the javascript API built into the framework, or any of the built in theming features to create page/widget designs that use this data in any way you want. The data includes playlists, beats, producer profiles, special offers, licensing options, and more. Browse the interfaces portion of our developer guide for a complete list of features available to you!

Design Objectives

Use the flex framework in new or existing projects to create theme packages, widgets, or new features for websites that are instantly integrated with the most powerful beat licensing platform available, but are then distributable in themselves as unique beat selling products without any other particular back-end dependencies.


Launch Sandbox Want to get hands on with the examples in this documentation? We've put together a sandbox that you can use to fiddle with the framework in real time. Use it to test new designs or run your own experiments!

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