Scripts & Libraries

Scripts & Libraries

The flex framework deploys very easily to web pages with only two script references. However, it has dependencies on a few other javascript libraries which are loaded asynchronously (and automatically) by the framework if they are not already present on the page.


If any of these libraries are already loaded on the page, flex will detect them and save time by not loading them again. If an older version of jQuery is being used than what is required, then flex will load a newer version over the top of the old one, and once flex is fully initialized, it will restore the old version using the jQuery.noConflict(true) method.

jQuery: Version: 1.8+ Documentation

jQuery Cookie: Version: 1.3+ Documentation

jPlayer: Version: 2.5+ Documentation

jPlayerPlaylist: Version: 2.3+ Documentation

Knockout.js: Version: 2.2+ Documentation


Flex uses a customized instance of head.js to do its bootloading and provide utility functions. By loading its resources asynchronously after the DOM is ready, the flex framework is loaded on the page in a non-blocking way. You can learn how to use it to load your own resources by reading the utilities documentation.

The flex bootloader and utility class is loaded into the flexloader window namespace.