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Download Joomla Package

Current Version: 1.0

Installation Instructions

  • Download the package from this page
  • Log into your Joomla Admin
  • Click the "Extensions > Extension manager" menu
  • Choose "Install > Upload Package File"
  • Upload & Install the package
  • Enable the plugin from the "Extenstions > Plugin manager" menu


Once you have installed and enabled the plugin, you can configure your App ID by clicking the "Beat Brokerz Flex Framework" link on your plugin manager page, and then clicking the "Options" tab.

Shortcode Example


The Joomla extension includes a shortcode format that you can enable/disable for your site via the plugin settings mentioned above. The shortcode format is enabled by default when you install the plugin. You can use shortcodes inline with your content to display individual flex widgets on a page within any given post. Just type the shortcode into your content editor in the place where you want the widget to show.

Shortcode Syntax Breakdown

  • The shortcode is always enclosed on both ends by brackets [ ].
  • The word "bbflex" always follows the first bracket This lets the plugin know you want to show a flex widget.
  • A colon ":" immediately follows the word bbflex to separate it from the parameters.
  • A comma separates each parameter/value pair, and an equal sign separates the parameter name from the value.
  • Every shortcode has a "widget" parameter for which you supply the name of the widget you want to display.
  • Depending on the widget, more configuration parameters may be available, and may or may not be required.
  • Each parameter value should be enclosed in quotation marks.


For more information on what widgets are available out of the box with the flex framework, and how to find or create your own, visit the widgets documentation page.