Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

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A Beat Brokerz Flex App can be added to any website, template, or theme to equip it with instant beat selling features. Out of the box, it includes attractive music interfaces for desktop visitors, and a built in mobile app for mobile users.

Create An App

If you do not have an account already, sign up and choose the option to enroll as an affiliate on the account creation form. If you are a producer with a producer account, a flex app is created for you automatically when you set up your producer profile.
  • Sign In
  • Click your "Affiliate Center" account tab
  • Click your "Flex Store Apps" subtab
  • Click the "Create New Flexstore" button (or edit an existing app)
  • Configure the settings for your app and save to get your App ID

Deploy Your App

After you create a flex app, you can use it in a variety of ways, including deploying it to your own website. The options you choose on Beat Brokerz for your app will control playlists and other behaviors of the application while it is deployed to your website.

Automatic Deployment Plugins

You can add the app to your own site very easily using our CMS plugins. When you create a new flex store app, it will have an associated App ID that you will save to the plugin settings on your site (once the plugin is installed).

Manual Deployment

If your website doesn't run on one of the content management systems listed above, you can still deploy your flex app to your website with relative ease. After you create an app, you will be given two script tags that you can simply copy into the head section of your website/webpage to activate your flex features!

Hosted App Interfaces

We also provide free hosted interfaces to every app that you create which you can use without the need to deploy them. You can find the links to these hosted interfaces on your Beat Brokerz account dashboard and under your flex apps management page.

One-Click Features

Your flex app is packaged with some built-in widgets that can be used on your site with zero configuration. There is a docked player widget that stays visible at the bottom of the screen, and a floating screenplay widget that stays visible at the top left of the screen. To use them, just check them off in your flex app settings. Learn more.


Custom widgets can also be used anywhere on your webpages once a flex app is deployed to your site. Our framework and widget API is a completely open platform, so you can create your own widgets or use widgets that other people have made to enhance your site. For more information, visit our section on custom flex widgets.

Theming Options

You can integrate individual flex features/components into your own site layout "on the fly", with seamless HTML & CSS theming features. For more detailed information on how this works, have a look at our theming guide.

App Customization

You also have flexibility to customize display options, behaviors, and music elements that are bundled into your app right from your settings here on Beat Brokerz! The following app configurations are available to you.