Custom Content

Custom Content

You can create custom content to feature through your flex store settings on Beat Brokerz. By creating custom content, new screens are added automatically to the "content" section of your fullscreen app, and the content is also available for custom widgets to use on your web pages.

Content Properties

Each piece of custom content that you create can be assigned its own title, icon, and category. When you specify a category for a piece of content, it is grouped together with any other pieces of content that share the same category name.

Content Format

You can choose from two different formats for each piece of content:

Plain Text:
Plain text is a basic format best suited for simple hand-typed text. You can use basic html markup for text emphasis, but most structural html will be filtered out and line breaks in the text (hitting the enter key) will be preserved when the content is displayed.

The raw html format will output your content as-is without any filtering. This format is best for when you enter fully structured html source code as your content and/or you want your content to be displayed with very specific markup being preserved.

Note: The raw html format is only available for non "producer profile" based flex apps. This means that if you are a producer, and you are editing the flex app which is built into your producer profile, the raw html format for custom content will be disabled for website security reasons.