Making An Offer

Making An Offer

You may make a custom offer on any of the beats listed in our marketplace. When you make a custom offer, you are essentially creating your own licensing terms and setting your own price, and then sending that offer to the producer for approval. The producer may accept the offer as it stands, or he may modify the terms or pricing and send it back to you for review. You complete the deal by making payment on an accepted offer, at which point we issue a license and deliver the product the same way as we would if you had purchased a "pre-approved" license.

For more information about "pre-approved" licenses, read the previous section regarding choosing a license.

Offer Components

When making an offer to a producer on a beat, you'll need to pay attention to a few details to make sure your offer is complete.

Requested Downloads

The requested downloads portion of the offer lists all of the available production files in inventory for the beat you are making an offer on. You should check the boxes next the files that you want to download as part of the offer. If none of the available production files are selected when the offer is completed, then we will not automatically deliver any files to you after the transaction. Any additional production files will need to be obtained from the producer directly.

Offer Amount

The default amount for an offer is $50.00, however, this is merely and arbitrary number and should be changed to reflect the amount you are willing to pay for the license. The producer will have an opportunity to change this amount before accepting an offer, and this amount should reflect the amount of rights you are attempting to secure with the license.

Increasing the royalty free limits or decreasing the royalty rate is a great benefit to you, but your offer amount should also increase in these cases to balance out the deal. Also, requesting exclusive rights means that the producer will be required to give up potential future licensing deals if the offer is completed, therefore an appropriate increase in the offer amount is also expected in these cases.

Offer/Deal Specifics

The deal specifics portion of the offer is where you will indicate the type of production files that are required to satisfy the agreement. Typically, a mixed down session file (such as mp3 or wav) will command less of an offer amount than the track separated (trackout) files. The producer will be required to produce the indicated type of production files upon completion of the offer if those files are not already part of the "requested downloads" portion of the offer.

You should also provide a brief description of the project in which you will be using the beat, how you will be using it, and any other details that can help the producer give valuable consideration to the offer.

Licensing Terms

The licensing terms portion of the offer, including mechanical licensing, synchronization, and performance rights should all be chosen carefully in order to cover your intended use of the music. You should also remember that the general rule of thumb in the music business is the greater your ability (the rights you request) to exploit your finished product for a profit, the greater the compensation (offer amount) should be to the producer.

For more information on how the licensing terms all work together, read the choosing a license section of this guide.

The Negotiation Process

Once you have submitted an offer to a producer, it will be up to the producer to review the terms and either accept the offer or modify it with new terms. This part of the process is called the "negotiation". During negotiation, you and the producer may modify the terms of the offer as many times as needed in order to reach an acceptable agreement.

During the negotiation process, you may communicate back and forth with the producer by posting comments to the offer.

Making The Purchase

If the producer accepts the offer, or updates the offer with new terms, you will receive an email as a notification that the offer needs your attention. You will have up to 5 days to complete the purchase of an accepted offer before the offer expires. To complete an accepted offer, you'll need to log in to Beat Brokerz, visit your "Offers" tab in your account, and click the "Buy Now" button while viewing the offer page of the accepted offer.

Transactions Conducted Outside Beat Brokerz

If a producer requests that you conduct a transaction directly with them outside of the Beat Brokerz offer system, then we are effectively cut out of the deal. We don't take it personally (ok, maybe a little...), but we just want to make sure you understand the trade off if this happens.

We will be unable to offer you any warranty, support, license administration, delivery service or other assistance if you run into troubles. And unfortunately, we will not have issued a valid license to you either, so your rights will not be protected by our licensing agreement, and likely your customized terms will be omitted from specific agreement.