Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard

Your seller dashboard is a command center for your beats business. You have easy access to account assets, subscriptions, balances, and engagement metrics. Your dashboard page is where you land immediately after logging in to the system.

  • Hover or Click Your Username (top of page)
  • Click “Dash”
Click your "Dashboard" menu navigation link to access your main account dashboard. Click the "Help" link at any time to restart this dashboard tour and others like it!

Integrated Help

Search for help on any topic in our integrated help center. Documentation, interface tours, and live task walkthroughs can all be launched on demand!

Account Notices & Logs

Your user activity badge indicates when you have unread system notifications. You can also see a history of recent emails which have been sent to you via the Beat Brokerz platform, and a list of account advisories which will help you complete essential tasks.

Account Platform Pages

Click your account username to access the links to all of your public facing platform pages (such as your beat catalog, brand page, music app, producer profile, etc).

Membership Status

Your membership status indicates the type of seller account you are currently subscribed to, and when your subscription is set to expire. If your subscription is setup through Paypal, renewal payments are automatically processed a few days before your expiration and your new expiration date is updated accordingly.

Account Balance

Your account balance shows the total amount of money due to you for sales and affiliate commissions. We also show you the next date that we'll be sending a payment to you based on the type of account subscription you have. Due to our payment policy, your full account balance may be split across multiple future payment dates.

For a detailed breakdown of past payments, account balances, and upcoming payment dates, click the "Next Payday" link.

Points Balance

Your current points balance is the amount of promo points that are available to you in your account. Promo points are used to buy site promotions on Beat Brokerz.

If you have a positive account balance, you may be able to exchange a portion of your balance for points at a special discounted rate. You'll see a icon by your points balance when this offer is available.

Incoming Offers

Incoming offers are custom offer negotiations that you currently have open with potential buyers. If you have any open offers that need your review, you will have an indicator of the number of offers which need your attention.

Music Inventory

Each membership plan has it's own inventory limit associated with it. Your music inventory dashboard display shows a quick count of how many inventory beats you currently have, and what your current total limit is.

Chart Positions

You can immediately see which of your beats is top ranked in the Beat Brokerz charts, and what rank it is. If you have your Soundclick page verified, you'll also see which of your beats is top ranked in the Soundclick charts also. See the section on your Soundclick Profile for more information about verifying your account.

Occasionally, you'll see your beat ranked differently in the charts than what is shown on your dashboard. For example, you might be showing at #25 on the dashboard, but showing #24 in the charts. This can happens if beats are removed from the charts for reasons such as the beat being sold exclusively, or the author removing it from the system.

Activity Overview

The activity overview consists of aggregate statistics regarding the total amount of page views, visits, unique visitors, plays, etc, that you have received across all of your channels for the selected time period.

You'll see the following stats where they apply.

  • Page Views: How many times your profile has been viewed today.
  • Visits: One or more page views by a visitor in a single session.
  • Unique Visitors: Number of individual people to view your profile.
  • Plays: How many times your music has been played (all pages).
  • Downloads: How many times your music has been downloaded.
  • Beats Sold: The individual number of beats sold.

Channel Activity Breakdown

The activity breakdown shows all of your engagement statistics broken down by individual channel. Everything that happens on the Beat Brokerz platform which is not directly a result of your own promotional efforts is grouped together and reported separately from activity that is a result of your own promotional efforts. This way you can easily see the difference between what Beat Brokerz does for you, and what you do for yourself.

Trending Charts

The trending charts give you a running look at your recent history of engagement stats (plays, downloads, etc), and chart positions.

Buyer Orders

Review the complete history of your buyer orders with easy search and sort lookup.

Music Inventory

Manage your music catalog and publishing statuses from your dashboard.


Your customer list provides up to date contact information and recent order details for all your licensees.

Flex Apps

Use a flex app to combine your own music with music from other producers on the Beat Brokerz platform and deploy it to websites and mobile apps, or use the instant hosted solutions from Beat Brokerz.

Purchase Offers

When artists make you offers to buy your music, you get a complete birds eye view of all your negotiations from your dashboard.

Custom Licenses

For paid producer accounts, an unlimited number of custom licenses can be created to sell your music any way you want.

Discounts & Promotions

You can create both public and private discounts to upsale your catalog and assist your own promotional efforts.

Site Promotions

Make bids on site promotions to improve the ranking of your music in the Beat Brokerz charts and increase your opportunity for sales.

Affiliate Catalog & Favorites

Add and remove beats from your customized affiliate catalog and favorites lists which can be featured in your own flex apps.

Customize Your Dashboard

Also, each of the widgets on your dashboard can be individually customized and tailored in a number of ways!

  • Drag any widget to a new location on your dashboard if you want to re-arrange the presentation of your management options.
  • Click the color box to select a new heading color for a widget if you want to change visual reference cues.
  • Click the "edit title" cog to change the title of a widget if you feel a different heading has more relevence for you. Click it again to save the title.
  • Click the collapse button to make additional room on your dashboard by minimizing a widget without removing it from the display.
  • Click the delete button to remove a widget from your dashboard entirely. You can choose to remove it for just this pageview, or permanently from all future pageviews. If you remove it permanently, you can restore the widget to the display later from the "Page Menu" in the interface.
  • This is the page menu. You can reset widgets from here.

That should be enough to get you started. Don't forget to thumb through the seller guidebook or search our integrated help center if you have any questions. Enjoy!