Customer Orders

Customer Orders

You will find a running list of orders processed for your music in your seller center. Each order entry will include the order number, date of order, music licensed, your total earnings, and the order status. Order statuses are color coded for your convenience.

Color CodeDescription
GreenProduct delivered, licenses issued, order completed.
OrangeOrder not fully processed, licenses not yet valid.
RedThe order has been canceled and any licenses revoked.

The actual status of each order can vary, depending on what stage of processing the order is in. Typically, orders will be color coded green and completed immediately after checkout, however, there are certain cases where we may need to delay processing of the order due to fraud prevention filters, payment holds, etc. In these special circumstances, we'll post notes to the order as information becomes available.

  • Hover or Click Your Username (top of page)
  • Click “Seller Center”
  • Click “Buyer Orders”

Viewing Order Details

Click the View order 14699 icon to view the details of the order including: customer info, order comments, licenses issued, payments collected, and communication options.

As part of our privacy policy extended to buyers, and to protect customers from having their email address repeatedly added to mailing lists from placing an order in our marketplace, we do not include their email address in the order details. If you need to contact the buyer after a sale, you can phone them directly or optionally use the built in order update form which will send them an email.

In many cases, you may see the notes on the order indicate that we received a payment which was some amount larger than the total price of your beats on the order. This would be because there were other beats on the order from other producers. We only show the beats that belong to you in your order details.