Charts System & Rankings

Charts System & Rankings

The Beat Brokerz charts are the primary and most obvious way for buyers to begin exploring beats on our site, and get "recommendations" as to what's new and what's trending in the market. It's the first, and most effective line of promotion that we have for beats. Therefore, many of our promotional packages are centered around it.

The primary role of our charts is to "suggest" beats to buyers, in the form of ranked lists, being driven by the marketing value of those beats. In other words, we try to suggest beats to buyers that have the best opportunity to sell.

How Beats Are Ranked

Firstly, all of our primary charts are designed to expose a beat from every active producer on our site before we begin to rank multiple beats from any single producer. This helps us to maximize the exposure of our whole producer base to our buying audience. It also helps producers to maintain a high ranking beat in the charts.

Secondly, every sub-genre chart on the site will contain a different set of top ranking beats which does not overlap with any other chart in the system (including the main chart). Again... for the purpose of exposure.


  • Current And Past Sales
  • Recent Promotions
  • Buyer Engagement
  • Producer Reputation

When it comes to the actual ranking of a beat, we consider many factors which lend to it's "marketing value". Our goal is to evaluate each beat in our system based on it's earning potential. Like any good broker, we want to recommend to buyers the most valuable products first. So we look at some general signals in order of importance.

Of course, we can't give away the exact details of how we calculate our rankings since it's sort of a trade secret. But we can at least guide you in how it all comes together.

Current And Past Sales

There is no better indicator that a piece of music has the potential to sell, than if somebody buys it! Of course, how frequently it gets sold, how many different people it goes out to, and how much it sells for are also all important indicators.

Some producers sell on other platforms as well as Beat Brokerz, which is fine with us. But if you decide to funnel your sales through your Beat Brokerz store, then there may be some excellent chart ranking benefits for you which just might improve your sales even further. We're just saying...

Recent Promotions

When you run feature promotions on a piece of your music on Beat Brokerz, we recognize your investment into your music as a strong indicator that it has earning potential. Otherwise, why would you be paying to promote it... right?

When we rank beats, we look at how much has been invested into them recently in the form of feature promotions. So besides the benefit of the feature itself, running a feature promotion(s) on your beats gives extra ranking power in the charts for days to come.

Buyer Engagement

Another way we analyze marketing value of music, is by the way people interact with it. Watching the patterns of how people interact with your music gives us a better idea of how engaging it is. It's no secret to us that engagement is a metric which may not have a specific dollar value, but it leads to future sales which definitely have a dollar value!

Encouraging people to interact with your music on Beat Brokerz will have a lasting effect on your rankings in our charts. Although engagement is not as powerful as sales and promotion, it provides a continual bump to your rankings across the board. Do you have your Facebook, Twitter, Soundclick, and other social accounts linked up yet? Hint. Hint.

Producer Reputation

Our assessment of producer reputation is mostly robotic. It mostly affects your producer ranking. We crunch a bunch of numbers and call it your "reputation". This number gives us an indicator as to the quality of your catalog as a whole. We look mainly at the number of beats you have available, the number of purchase options you offer, how many of your beats have high definition artwork (yeah, we're superficial), how many track outs you offer, if your beat descriptions are actually "descriptive", and if you offer discounts.