Commissions & Fees

Commissions & Fees

Subscription fees allow us to service your account and customers with high end servers, distribution, product support, and also help protect your business assets with legal services and fraud prevention monitoring. We enjoy servicing all producers, but having a paid account shows that you are taking your business seriously and we reward that investment by ranking your music higher in our charts and listings.

We also take commissions on sales to cover transaction fees and marketing dollars spent to bring buyers to Beat Brokerz to buy beats. Marketing costs are the primary basis for our commission structure. If we acquire the customer for you, we keep a standard commission to cover those costs and keep the business profitable. If you acquire the customer yourself and we just administrate the deal, then we keep a substantially smaller commission on the order just to cover transaction fees and escrow administration.

It's pretty straightforward, we track your own marketing efforts that you've paid or worked for yourself through your own channels when you deploy a flex app, promote your brand page, or operate your own website. Anytime business is conducted via your own channels, our commission on those sales drops substantially. In principle, we expect a certain portion of every sale is attributed to "marketing costs". If you paid for that marketing, that portion should go to you; If we paid for it, it should go to us.

The profitable commission that we keep from any particular sale (typically less than 15%) is how we keep Beat Brokerz in the black.

For a specific breakdown of our commission structure, visit our fees & commissions page.