License Documentation

License Documentation

Licensing out your music is a contractual agreement. It's pretty safe to say that documenting the agreements you have with your buyers is an extremely important part of your business, and is the primary insurance policy you have on your music.

It's easy enough to write up a contract and send it out with your music as part of a transaction. But if push comes to shove and your music is being exploited for big money, what documentation do you really have? If you don't have a signed document, then the defense of your rights is effectively reduced to a "he said she said" argument. The honor system may be a good choice if you loan a power tool to a friend, but it's a poor choice for a business strategy.

The Problem

Getting physical signatures in the "give it to me now" digital world can be a problem. That's why most producers (and sadly, most beat selling websites) ignore the problem completely. If you pull out an unsigned document and claim it's what a buyer agreed to, then the buyer can easily pull out their own unsigned document and claim the same thing. Who's telling the truth?

The Solution

Beat Brokerz solves this problem by using digital signature technology and a public access verification system to document the agreement. It all happens instantly without any delay to the buyer, but provides the same comfort and protection of a physical signature without you lifting a finger.

Here's How It Works

When your music is licensed, a certificate is generated which contains the exact terms of the agreement between you and the buyer. This certificate is then signed by us digitally and sent out to both you and the customer. This certificate is your insurance receipt and documentation of the agreement.

The authenticity of the certificate can be verified at any time using our online verification tool. It can also be verified offline in the case of court litigation. If any of the terms in the certificate are altered, then the certificate will fail validation indicating that it's not the official agreement. It will also fail validation if the buyer did not complete payment under the agreement, or if the buyer is refunded or requests a chargeback.


  1. Download our sample certificate. (Right click, choose "Save As")
  2. Use the form below to validate the certificate.
  3. Open the file with a text editor, change something, and try to validate it again.

License Validator
Upload a license to verify that it's valid and untampered.