Purchase Options

Purchase Options

A purchase option is simply a combination of (license terms + price + delivery files).

Setting purchase options for your beats allows you to offer multiple licenses, files, and prices for buyers to choose from. By default, every new beat you list for sale will have a pre-defined set of purchase options enabled. These purchase options default to the Beat Brokerz "standard" terms.

When you decide to modify the purchase options for a beat listed in your beat store, you have the ability to assign custom license terms to each purchase option, and modify individual prices for each purchase option.

Setting Up Purchasing Options

  • Click your "Seller Center" navigation link.
  • Click your "Music Inventory"navigation link.
  • Click the "Edit" link for the beat you want to configure purchase options for.
  • Click the "Purchasing Options" link from the page menu.

Check the box by any purchase option that you want to be available for the beat. Each purchase option will have it's own price and set of licensing terms chosen.

Default Option

Whichever purchase option that you select as "default" will be the first purchase option suggested to buyers when they browse your beat. We recommend you follow our license suggestion strategy.

Purchase Price

Configure a purchase price of no less than $10.00 for each of your enabled purchase options.

License Terms

Finally, you can choose between the default Beat Brokerz licensing terms or your own custom license terms for each purchase option.

Don't forget to save the form when you're done!