Discounts & Codes

Discounts & Codes

Offering sale prices and discounts are a staple for successful business growth. That's why we encourage all of our producers to offer a few purchase incentives for buyers in the form of discounts and special offers. At Beat Brokerz, we provide flexible configuration options for your discounts so that you can be creative with your promotional offers.

  • Hover or Click Your Username (top of page)
  • Click “Seller Center”
  • Click “Discounts”
  • Click “Add Discount”

Public Discounts

Public discounts have the potential to be advertised throughout our marketplace and in your catalog. They are automatically applied to buyers orders when your qualifications have been met. We present your automatic discounts forefront to help you up-sell your orders and offer buyers extra incentive to add more beats to their order.

To help your buyers understand the technicalities of qualifying for your discounts, we automatically include a “How It Works” laymens terms break down with your advertised discounts. This way you can optimize your description to "sell" the discount, while we will explain to them exactly what they must do to "get" the discount.

Coded Discounts

Coded discounts are NOT advertised in the marketplace. You can add codes to your promotions that the buyer will need to enter during checkout in order to activate the discount. Use coded discounts to offer private promotional deals and inside track incentives.

Tip: After you've created new discounts in the system, we recommend you test them out by adding your own beats to the shopping cart to make sure that it works as you expect.