Custom Licenses

Custom Licenses

Beat Brokerz allows you to create your own custom licenses without writing legal contracts. You only need to configure the primary usage limits, and we write the legalese for each of your agreements.

If you do not set up any “custom licenses” to use for the sale of your beats, then they will automatically fall under our default “standard” license terms which are designed to be sufficient for general purposes. The point here is that you have the flexibility to sell your beats however you like.

Note: Pricing is not tied to your custom licenses. Custom licenses are merely terms that you and the buyer agree to abide. The price that the license is sold for is set individually for each beat to allow for discounting or other pricing variations per beat. The price that the customer pays and the agreement terms are together called “purchase options”.


To create a custom license (set of terms) to use for your purchase options:

  • Hover or Click Your Username (top of page)
  • Click “Seller Center”
  • Click “Custom Licenses”
  • Click “Create Custom License”

Once you have created a custom license, you'll be able to “assign it” to purchase options when you set up each of your beats. In this way, you are able to sell your beats at any price and with any terms you feel appropriate.

Licensed Rights

There are a number of different rights assignments that can be customized for each of your licensing agreements. You'll want to understand how to use each of them and how they impact your earning potential in this music business.