Custom Offer Negotiations

Custom Offer Negotiations

When a buyer has special requirements or needs that aren't addressed by any of your standard licenses, then it may be necessary for them to get special terms or pricing from you.

The Beat Brokerz "make an offer" system allows buyers to define their own licensing terms, and send them to you for approval. You have the opportunity to negotiate the terms + pricing, and issue custom licenses to buyers on an individual basis. For professionals, this negotiation process is an essential part of the music business which can determine whether you even have a shot at getting the business.

The Offer Process

Each beat in your catalog that is available for purchase on Beat Brokerz, has a "Make An Offer" button associated with it. When the buyer clicks this button, they have the opportunity to create their own custom licensing terms (including a price) that they will send to you as a custom offer.

Offer Review

You will receive an account notification when you have a new offer which needs to be reviewed. Your responsibility as a seller is to log into your account, click the link to review the offer, and give your consideration to the buyer.

Note: The key points to examine for each offer are the specific terms that the buyer is requesting, the files that they are requesting to download, and the price that they are offering to pay. If the terms don't seem to fit the pricing, you will have the opportunity to change them before accepting the offer.

When the buyer submits an offer, part of their offer includes whether they require only the "mixed down" beat (such as mp3), or whether they require the track separated files "trackout". Regardless of which files they have selected, you are responsible for providing the music in the requested format if you accept the offer.


When you receive an offer (or an updated offer) from a potential buyer, you always have the opportunity to modify the pricing to match the terms or vice versa. When you choose to "offer new terms", you will change the offer in any way necessary so that it makes business sense. When you offer new terms to the buyer, the buyer will receive a notification and have the opportunity to purchase under the updated terms.

Of course, you may also communicate back and forth with the buyer in the form of "offer comments" in order to better assess the buyers needs before accepting the offer or offering new terms. This process is called the "negotiation process". It allows you and your buyer to come to an agreement before any transaction is made.

Offer Acceptance

After you've reviewed an offer, in order to allow the buyer to purchase you must do one of two things:

  • Click the "Accept Offer" button - or -
  • Click the "Offer New Terms" button and update the offer
If you don't accept the offer, or offer new terms to the buyer, the offer will sit for a maximum of one week without activity before it "expires". If after accepting the offer or offering new terms the buyer does not purchase within 5 days, the offer will also expire. Negotiation can be re-opened on an expired offer only by offering new terms.

Offer Completion

Once you've accepted an offer, and the buyer has made the purchase transaction, the offer will be updated with the order information and permanently locked and archived. You can review it at any time, but no new negotiations or comments can be posted to it.