Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

The bread and butter of online sales are buyers that buy impulsively. If a buyer makes a decision to buy, you want to have something ready to sell them on the spot. These are the types of people who you will target with your pre-approved licenses. Typically, these types of buyers are concerned less with how tightly the license fits their needs, and more with how easily (and quickly) they can access the product.

A good pre-approved licensing strategy (such as the default Beat Brokerz licensing options), includes purchase options that appeal to a range of buyers.

Low Budget Buyers

  • Targeted by Basic Licenses

Certain music buyers are only willing (or able) to pay a small fee, typically $25 or less to get the untagged version of your beat. We understand that your work is worth a whole lot more than $25. But the name of the game is to offer people something for $25 rather than offer them nothing at all. For this reason, we recommend a license with a basic right to use the music, and a simple high quality untagged MP3 download. Remember, this type of user is not going to be doing anything major with your music, but they are willing to put a little bit of money in your pocket anyway.

Industry Buyers

  • Targeted by Premium Licenses

These buyers are more serious about their work than low budget buyers, and typically aren't motivated primarily by a tiny budget. They are willing to pay a premium price as long as they know their interests are well taken care of. We recommend a pre-approved license option with a mid-range price point (around $65.00), more generous rights, and the inclusion of WAV + Track Separated (trackout) files as a download format. Trackouts serve as an additional incentive for these buyers on top of the more generous licensing terms.

Exclusive Buyers

Occasionally, buyers come along who just absolutely fall in love with your music and want to take the beat off the market while they work on their project. These buyers are willing to spend more than the premium rate, and we suggest you give yourself the opportunity to make impulsive 3+ digit sales by offering a "limited time" exclusive option license for these buyers. Refer to our guidebook section on exclusives for more information on "limited exclusives". Besides this, a more expensive license option also serves another purpose in the sales strategy (outlined in the next section). So even if you don't want to offer an "exclusive" type pre-approved licensing option, we recommend you design some sort of higher end license.

Default Licensing Strategy

Your default licensing option is like your "recommended license" to the buyer. We recommend you make your premium license the default recommended license. The reason for this is simple; buyers are more likely to purchase your "premium" rate license if it is suggested to them by default. Look at it this way... you want to make the buyer decide to buy your "cheaper" license rather than hoping that they decide to buy your "more expensive" license. Also, when given multiple options to buy, buyers that are not budget-restricted, (more often than not) make a choice that's not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. So assuming you've offered at least one other "pre-approved" license above and below your suggested price point, you have set yourself up well to make the sale at your "premium" rate.