Producer Profile

Producer Profile

Your producer profile encompasses the core elements that drive your business. We collect information about your branding, music affiliations, contact details, and other preferences. It is important that you complete this information fully and accurately.

Note: Your producer profile needs to be setup before your music will even be published in our marketplace.

  • Hover or Click Your Username (top of page)
  • Click “Edit Account”
  • Click “Producer Profile”

Producer Name

Enter the name of your brand, which in most cases is just your producer name. If you don't have a producer name, then it should be your real name. If you are setting up a catalog for a producer group, then this name could potentially be the name of your music group. We'll get your legal name for publishing purposes later on.

Accomplishments / Bio

Give us the sales pitch of who you are and what makes your music so compelling. Do you have any accomplishments (music related) worth mentioning? We'll pass this information along to the masses via your producer profile page.

Motto / Tagline

This is an optional field since not everybody has a motto or tag line. Don't worry if you don't have one since this won't make or break your business. But if you do, let us know about it and we'll insert it into marketing material where it's appropriate.

Producer Logo

Upload an image of just the main portion of your identifying mark. The minimum size allowed is 520 pixels wide by 200 pixels high, but you may upload larger images. We always display this logo in a rectangular format with the same ratio (2.6:1), so you should crop it to dimensions that fit that ratio before you upload for the best result.

Large Banners

Upload up to five "large banner" images that we can use to promote your music. Depending on which account type you have, (free, basic, premium, etc), these banners are used in different capacities on the site. All banners should be 975 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall for the best display.

For basic accounts, we'll display one banner image on your producer profile page. If you upgrade to a premium account, we'll display a rolling slideshow of all the banners that you have uploaded.
Click to setup your publishing information.
Publishing Information

Authoring Name

Enter the full legal name of the person or company who actually owns the copyrights to the music being licensed in your catalog. Please note that our terms of service clearly state that you must have full authorization to license any music that you upload to Beat Brokerz.

The authoring name is included with all licenses issued via Beat Brokerz so that music buyers know how to register the completed works with their own performance rights organizations, and with the copyright office. Do not use your producer name here, unless your producer name also happens to be your full legal name.

PRO Affiliation

If you are registered with a performance rights organization such as ASCAP or BMI, we'll need to know that. More importantly, buyers will need to know so that they can register their work accurately with their own PRO.

Publishing Company

If you don't already have an affiliation with a PRO, you probably don't have a publishing company either. In the music business, royalties are split into two shares (publisher and songwriter). The authoring name outlined above would be considered the songwriter, and the company entered here would be the publisher. It's possible to be your own publishing company so that you get both shares, but you'll need to register it that way when you affiliate yourself with a PRO.

Mailing Address

Enter your complete physical mailing address. This should NOT be your email address. This address will be used on your licensing agreements.

Phone Number

Enter your phone number with any extension and the country code.

That covers all of your essential producer information. Save the form when you're information is all entered correctly.