Soundclick Account

Soundclick Account

Soundclick is a music charts site which is an alternate stomping ground for producers who have established themselves online. Although Soundclick is not built as a music licensing platform and does not offer any of the business tools that you will find on Beat Brokerz, we recognize the value of the exposure and engagement that producers receive from an active presence in the charts there. With our easy integration method, we'll help you keep the business end of things tidy and professional.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to create a VIP account at Soundclick to promote your brand. When you go this route, you'll also want to invest into a custom layout for your page, which will be used on both Beat Brokerz and on Soundclick to promote your brand.

Verify Your Soundclick Account

  • Hover or Click Your Username (top of page)
  • Click “Edit Account”
  • Click “Soundclick Profile”
  • Change the color of your integration button to match your page branding
  • Click the button to get the integration codes
  • Place the codes on your Soundclick Account

We provide additional services to producers who verify their Soundclick account and link it with their Beat Brokerz account (such as automatic beat imports and additional promotional services). In order to verify your Soundclick account, you'll need to put some custom html and css codes on your soundclick page which will allow us to ensure you are the owner of the account and synchronize your services.

After you've placed the custom html and css codes on your Soundclick page, you'll need to enter the numeric portion of your Soundclick band ID into the appropriate field in your Beat Brokerz soundclick profile and save it.

If you've completed the steps properly, your account will be verified after you save the form.

Import Beats From Soundclick

Once your Soundclick account is verified and linked to Beat Brokerz, we are able to synchronize/import music between your catalog on Soundclick and your catalog on Beat Brokerz. You can directly import beats from your inventory management page on Beat Brokerz.

Music Promotion

When your catalogs are synchronized between the platforms, meaning your beats on Beat Brokerz are correctly associated with your beats on Soundclick via their song ID for your verified account, then we can accurately promote links to your Soundclick beats as an added benefit when you purchase promotions on Beat Brokerz.

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