Website Deployment

Website Deployment

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Flex Apps allow you to push your brand and your music out to your own custom website and/or domain name, and keep a full commission on all of the sales you make since you'll be promoting it on your own. You can use a hosted app interface, deploy easily to your own content management system, or build your own interface on your website using HTML & CSS.

As a producer using the Beat Brokerz platform, your producer profile is automatically equipped with its own flex app which can be customized, deployed to websites, and/or used stand-alone through a hosted app interface.

Hosted App Interfaces

A hosted app interface is a self-contained website that we provide for you which features only the music and content from your flex app. It requires zero-configuration, is available immediately, and is updated for you automatically. You can choose from any of our available hosted interface designs.

App Deployment

If you already have a website, or want to build your own, you can deploy the flex app to your own domain which will allow you to use flex widgets or do your own theming. We have plugins for Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. You can also deploy manually to any website using our manual deployment option if you aren't using a content management system.