Legacy MP3 Players

Beat Brokerz Website Plugins are ready-to-use script codes that you can easily drop into your existing webpage and instantly beef it up with awesome beat selling power! Out of the box, you don't need any special software or custom page design to use it. It's literally as easy as adding a few new lines of code to your webpage and then point and shoot!


The core module is a jquery plugin which transforms existing elements on your page into fully functional interactive components which come straight from the Beat Brokerz website. In a matter of seconds, you can add powerful features such as:

  • themed flash mp3 players
  • beat graphics, descriptions, & attributes
  • licensing flyouts
  • discount dropdowns
  • shopping cart with checkout

How It Works

When you or your designer create the html for your webpage, you just add a special css class to an element to tell our plugin how to transform it. Here's an example:

<img src="http://url.to/pic" />

This is the html code for a regular image. You or your designer can place this into your page as a placeholder for... let's say an mp3 player. This is nothing new, it can be styled and positioned as usual by css.

Now, if you want that image to be hot swapped for an actual "real live" mp3 player as the page loads in a web browser, you simply add a css 'class' (in the html source) to the image like this:

<img src="http://url.to/pic" class="bbmp3-player" />

That's It! Now a mp3 player will appear in place of that image! Could it be any easier?

And of course, it's just as easy to tell our plugin other things like:

  • what playlist to load
  • what custom theme to use
  • what title to use in the player, etc.

Take a look at our "Basic Usage" guide to see how to add the plugin to your own webpage!