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Anthony "AJ SOUL" Johnson

AJ SOUL, born Anthony Johnson, is a producer, keyboardist, and spoken word artist from Minneapolis, MN. Born in the mid 80’s, he has come to know many styles of music that has contributed to his growing career.

AJ SOUL comes from a family of musicians and songwriters, which is where he gained interest in songwriting and creating instrumentals. His style of music was also inspired by his family’s history in gospel and R&B. He began creating instrumentals in the year of 2005, his senior year in high school, before producing his first mix-tape project with a local artist later that year, during his freshman year in college. The project allowed him to experiment with genres, such as rock and hip-hop. This experience opened doors for AJ SOUL to work with multiple local rap artists and singers, and oversee multiple projects before deciding to lease some of his instrumentals to artists who would like a demonstration of his music for their projects.

Before learning how to make instrumentals, during his early stages in high school, AJ SOUL was in a local rap group called EXIT. It was a gospel group that allowed him to develop his ability in writing lyrics that needed to be both realistic and entertaining. After this experience, he began to practice the art of spoken word, which allowed him to fully deliver his lyrics without the restriction of a tempo. He was later featured on the TPT MN Channel, a local television station, for a spoken word performance, which was his first spoken word television recording.

During his second year in college, AJ SOUL began working with a local rap artist named Mike Dreams, who he was also the keyboardist for during live performances. In 2010, he played for Mike Dreams’ set at the SoundSet festival, where artists and groups, such as Atmosphere, Wiz Khalifa, and Brother Ali took the stage. Currently, he and Mike have a multiple songs recorded, some of which are featured on, and many of which are not released. AJ SOUL plans to take his experience as a producer and keyboardist to work with major recording artists, songwriters, and producers, as well as working with many more artists of multiple backgrounds.

Currently, AJ SOUL is temporarily licensing instrumentals to artists of multiple genres who would like high quality music for their projects. Although the rights are limited, artists may still buy exclusive instrumentals through his website, which will grant them full rights. AJ SOUL hopes that this will not only expand his name, but also open doors for new relationships with experienced and aspiring artists.