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Producer Rank#21

Total Beats215

Average Rating4.3


Alexander ‘SaruBeatz’ Wagner is a 23 year old Music Producer who started making beats in 2007. Since then, he quickly gained attention by a lot of people on major platforms like “WorldStarHipHop, YouTube, Twitter, facebook” and many more due to his versatile style and high quality work. After working with artists worldwide, including well known names in the game like West Coast legend ” Celly Cel ” , Freestyle King ” Mistah F.A.B ” , “I got 5 on it”-singer “Michael Marshall “, artists of the S.O.D Money Gang and many more, SaruBeatz decided to create a platform which offers high quality beats & instrumentals to artists who are ready to take their career to the next level. He already sold more than 2000+ beats through his soundclickpage to artists all over the globe leaving nothing but satisfied customers (check out other customer’s experiences at our testimonial section at the bottom of the “Home” page).

The SaruBeatz UG is a registered company at the Cottbus (Germany) County Court Commercial Registry number : HRB 10970