Chart Rank#1987

Producer Rank#568

Total Beats13

Average Rating3.0


Roddrick Tyrone King AKA Dr.kingwestcoast is a Musician/Songwriter/Producer. Genres include Hiphop/R&B/Rock. Roddrick grew up on the South side of Chicago Illinois. His grandmother taught him to read and write music. Later Roddrick moved to Seattle Washington and was taught how to play guitar by David O’suna an inspiring musician.

Artist Ive worked with 20sicem, Da man Shen, Komplex Kai  Saycred Thoughtz, Twisted Insane, Da governor of crunk, Everlasting Funk (Todd Brown), (RG) Regular Niggas-Lee Mag/Larry, Kena Edawna & Stephano Theo (ST)


M Audio Project Mix/ KRK Rokit’s 8/KRK SUBWOOFER/ M-Audio 61 Midi Controller/ Akai Mpc Studio/ Presonus Tube-pre Focusrite Platinum voice master mic pre/ Mac pro computer/ Ibanez acoustic guitar/ LTD Electric Guitar/RP150 Processor/
Productions Programs: Pro tools 10/Logic X / Reason 7 / Mpc Studio/VST/AU/RTAS Instruments
Sound Control Corner Bass Traps/ GearWedge Studio Acoustic Foam/CityBlox GearWedge Combo/ARC2 Advance Room Correction System/