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For every 3 of our beats added to your order, you will get 1 of those beats for free.

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My name is Matthew Metts, and I'm a producer from Portland, Oregon. I love music because my name stands for "Music All The Time!" My 'producer alias' is Kaijin, which means 'complete destruction' in Japanese! I originally came up with it when I was into online gaming, and it stuck when I switched gears into music. I started producing back in January '06 as a high school project. I had a passion for music and discovered the powerful production software, FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops).

I started off researching music production and practicing in a small home studio. I bought a decent pair of headphones and a Roland SH-201 synthesizer. I began working with R&B and Hip-Hop and quickly became versatile toward other genres of music. I learned how to produce catchy pop tracks, emotional piano ballads, and even how to arrange an orchestra to compose a score! As of 2011, I experienced the growth of the EDM scene, from progressive house and electro, all the way to dubstep!

In 2010, I signed to Hardened Records, an independent label founded by Aaron Hall. I have produced tracks for Grammy nominated artist JD Greer, and Layzie Bone's younger brother Jaimac! I moved on from Hardened Records in 2014 to further pursue a record label that will fit my creative style and give new opportunities. I have learned how to mix and master my own tracks. I am confident that my productions will bring your vision to life! I look forward to working with you!