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My name is Brien Greenwood - and I am based in the western Chicago suburbs. My music production goes by the name Plan B. Productions. I’ve been producing within the Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop and EDM genres for over 20 years. I mostly taught myself from scratch how to play piano and program music starting on Cakewalk in my early days, moving on through Protools, Sonar, Garageband and a few other Korg plug-ins fairly fluently. I have produced albums for numerous local Chicago artists - and background music for numerous publishing companies across the country. Everyday I continue to produce music and sharpen my skills to create a better craft. I am a constant student of music and love the beauty of its challenge that makes me a better musician sonically. You will not find a more passionate or studious producer as I am always striving to chase that perfect song for the moment its required.