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What does Russia mean to you?
Freezing cold weather, vodka, Putin, the Kremlin?
Not for much longer...
Russian Boyz is a music production team from Moscow. They proudly produce a new original breed of hip-hop, rap and r&b beats.
In Russia they are the scene.

Each member of Russian Boyz began to develop musically with solo careers until they started to collaborate and share experiences which led to the vibe that they produce today. This led to an innovative sound new and super cool.
After working with most of the famous hip-hop Russian artists and achieving mega success on the local scene, Russian Boyz decided to join forces to progress and create an original sound making a genre of their own in the music industry.
This led to a full on production team being formed.
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Russian Boyz was born on December 1st, 2012.
They are on a mission to create their own special spectrum in the music business.
The aim is to work with the very top artists and sell beats worldwide. Russian Boyz make music 24/7 and can offer artists a wide range of music production such as providing trendy mainstream and top-high quality beats, mixing etc.
Russian Boyz grew up on USA hip-hop, their music is an incredible mix of Russian and American music. This novel perception does create a fresh and unique sound. The International scene is taking off worldwide and this will drive the music to another level. They create and innovate in a contemporary style once heard never forgotten.
In 2013 Russian Boyz produced 2 tracks for Daz Dillinger & WC’s new album. This is only the beginning. You will remember reading this here first!
The Buzz has begun.