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TCustomz Productionz was founded in 2009 (, and it is owned and operated by music producer Travis Cole, aka TCustomz.

Specializing in many Hip-Hop genres, TCustomz reflects the old school tradition, but with a new school twist, offering a cleaner, industry quality sound that remains true to the gritty, underground style.

Our beats and sound kits have been featured on Jee Juh Productions, Maschine Masters, Industry Kits, Modern Producers and more. Artists who've written and recorded to our instrumentals include Oun-P, Fred the Godson, A.G. (D.I.T.C.), Vakill, Termanology and thousands of independent artists across the world!

Visit the official TCustomz Productionz YouTube channel ( to see many of the sound kits in action via beat making videos, tutorials and production tips, or follow @TCustomz on Twitter/Instagram.