Music Copyright Service

Protect Your Music - For Free

We maintain a free digital copyright registry for music producers and composers. When you register a digital copy of your music through our service, we process your claim to provide full documentation and verifiable proof of your copyright ownership.

Step 1.

Upload your music.

Step 2.

Submit title and author details about your music.

Step 3.

Download your copyright protection documentation.

How It Works

You upload an mp3 file which embodies the work you are claiming copyright ownership for. We receive that audio file and determine it's unique fingerprint using a digital hashing algorithm. We then record your title and author details with the fingerprint of your music into our database and sign the registration record with our own digital signature. This creates an authentic set of data (digital certificate) which identifies you as the copyright owner of the specific audio which you uploaded. Our signature on the certificate ensures that any person or authority can (in the future) verify that the record is authentic and has been untampered. We then send the registration record (digital certificate) to a third party "time stamp authority", who then sign the record themselves using similar digital signing technology. The timestamp signature ensures that any person or authority can also verify that the registration record was indeed signed as of a specific time and date.

The entire process outlined above happens in just a few seconds after you upload your music and submit your registration info. The end result is a set of documentation files that can without a doubt, fully and completely prove that you have claimed copyright ownership of your music at the exact time of registration!


  • Register all of your music once it is created, or shortly after to ensure that you have made claim to it. This prevents others from claiming your work as their own before you do!
  • Your copyright covers intellectual property such as the composition of musical notes and/or song lyrics or hooks. It also protects the recording of your music itself.
  • Your music does not need to be completed (mastered) to register it as a copyright claim. However, if you add or change intellectual property in it (note arrangement, lyrics/hook) after registration, you may need to re-register it to protect your changes.
  • Include a link (provided in your registration information) to your official registration record in our registry when you post your music online. This puts notice out to those who would potentially use your copyrighted material as their own.

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