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Making it in the music business is all about music placements. But even getting a placement on a hit record can mean little or nothing in revenue if you don’t have strong representation.

Beat Brokerz provides the essential back office, legal, administration, and marketing services that every successful songwriter/composer needs to survive in this business. We operate like a music publisher, but without the need for you to give away any publishing rights. That means you're entitled to keep 100% of royalties from any placements of your music! Compared to a standard publishing deal, you'll earn up to 30% more on licensing fees and twice as much on royalties.

When you sign up to Beat Brokerz, you are also instantly backed by the knowledge and experience of seasoned industry professionals, and a team that ensures your interests are protected.

Key Benefits


Beat Brokerz places your music for many uses. We regularly service studio producers, production managers, video producers, record labels, and recording artists. Each user that we reach represents a new opportunity for your music to gain a profitable placement.

Royalty Protection

Your music earns maximum royalties from placements. Our licensing agreement is specifically designed to return the highest royalty rate for your music beyond any royalty-free provisions.

License Administration

Your royalty rights are always enforced. We digitally sign and notarize your terms for each sale, and maintain a publicly accessible verification system for every license issued for your music. Any third party can verify your entitlement to royalties.

Copyright Assistance

Your music is 100% copyright protected. We automatically register music uploaded to our catalog in our digital copyright registry, and prepare the forms for you for official U.S. Copyright Office registration.

Bonus Benefits

Piracy Prevention

Your music is protected from unlicensed usage and piracy. We store your digital inventory in a secure server and issue user specific, encrypted, one-time use download links only after your music is purchased. And then it cannot be re-downloaded or shared. Any other downloads of your music produce the demo (tagged/low-quality) version.

Upsale Licensing

You get top dollar for your music. We license your music at multiple price points, and you have the flexibility to charge more or less based on the way your music is to be used.

Revenue Sharing

Share the income of all music sales, not just your own. We reward any of your own promotional efforts for your music by sharing a percentage of total sales with you collected from your customers, even if those sales are on music from other producers.

Offer Negotiations

Make private deals with customers. Our "one-of-a-kind" offer negotiation system lets buyers make custom licensing offers to you privately, allowing you to negotiate your own terms and pricing for individual use cases.

Promotional Benefits

Your Own Website

Run your business from under your own roof. We provide the only technology available to license your music from your own website/branding while still implementing all the key benefits of the Beat Brokerz service.


Gain popularity in the charts, with your peers, and with clientele. By adding Beat Brokerz to your Soundclick page, our selling services integrate directly into your existing Soundclick layout with a single click.


License your music from your Facebook page. Our Facebook app adds a whole new element to your Facebook presence, which allows your clientele to listen and purchase music instantly with all the key benefits of the Beat Brokerz service.


Keep your followers informed. Beat Brokerz connects to the twitter platform and let’s your followers know whenever you’ve released new music, or earned awards and achievements.

Noteworthy Service Features

Customer Support

Make lazy sales. All aspects of order fulfillment, download delivery, product warranty, and technical support are handled by Beat Brokerz staff. You’re free to continue making music.

Statistics & Reporting

Make taxes easy. We track all sales activity on your account and provide both detailed and grand total summaries for your actual taxable earnings. Not only that, but you’ll have chart ranking history, plays/downloads history, visitors history, and other uniquely satisfying statistics to chew on.

Elite Brand Pages

Your own website. Your own mobile app. Elite Brand Pages will impress and engage your music buyers on any platform, on any device, on any day. You're in complete control of your brand development.

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